The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon

For well over a century, students all over the world have learned to play the bassoon using Julius Weissenborn’s Practical Bassoon Method. The New Weissenborn Method for Bassoon by Douglas E. Spaniol presents the complete 1887 publication in an updated, user-friendly version. With over 50 photographs, modern fingering charts, and in-depth instruction on performance basics, instrument care, and reeds, the New Weissenborn Method is a must-have for all bassoon students. It features careful research and edits from the original 1887 edition, all lessons and exercises re-engraved, new notes, techniques and terminology introduced before each lesson, Weissenborn's original sections on tenor clef and the "speaker" keys restored and expanded, original ornamentation chapter restored with added modern performance practices, and supplementary scale exercises in all major and minor keys.