About Us

Robert "Bob" Gilbert's office name plaque that is currently on display in our store. 

In 1949, Robert D. Gilbert was a senior at the University of Southern California and faced one last project standing in the way of his graduation.  For an Import/Export class, he had to import something from another country.  Being a clarinet and saxophone player, he decided to import a box of reeds from France. He immediately saw that there was great demand for these reeds, and RDG, Inc. was born!

John Mack and Bob Gilbert

Mr. Gilbert soon expanded the business to include sales of numerous types of woodwind instruments and accessories.  Over time, RDG's reputation grew; before long the shop was well known not only among local professionals and students, but across the country and even around the world.  Mr. Gilbert took great pride in helping all of his customers find their perfect instrument.  He loved not only the musical aspects of the work, but getting to know his customers and developing long-lasting friendships with them.  He continued to build and expand his business for over fifty years.

Nancy Huang

In 2004,  Mr. Gilbert decided he was finally ready to retire.  He sold the business to Nancy Huang, who had been a longtime employee and manager at RDG.  In order to honor the history, traditions, and reputation of RDG, Inc., Nancy decided to name the new business RDG Woodwinds, Inc.

Today, RDG Woodwinds is still located in Los Angeles and continues to serve oboists, clarinetists and bassoonists around the world.  Our employees are all professional musicians who have a deep knowledge of the products that we sell.  Many employees have been working at RDG for over ten years.  Our repair shop has an international reputation, with a combined 100+ years of experience among the five repair technicians. In the tradition established by Mr. Gilbert, we work hard to provide excellent products and fabulous customer service.  We look forward to working with you!