Used Instrument Consignment Sales

RDG Woodwinds is happy to help you sell your used oboe, clarinet or bassoon!

Update 03/23/23: Due to the current high volume of scheduled repairs, we expect repair dates for oboe and clarinet consignments to be booked 2 to 4+ months out after the initial evaluation is completed. 

Bassoons must be in playing condition when an inquiry is placed and with moving forward in the consignment process. Since we do not have a bassoon repair technician at this time, any strongly recommended repairs for consignment bassoons may be included in the consignment description and will be taken into consideration when determining market pricing.
Thank you for your understanding, and please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. 

Complete our RDG Consignment Inquiry Form if you'd like to start the consignment process. We will contact you shortly after receiving your form.

We sell instruments on consignment, so you retain ownership of your instrument until it is paid for by the purchaser.  We will work with you to determine a fair asking price for the instrument based on its age, condition, features, and market value.  When you list the instrument with us, we sign a contract with you which confirms the listing price, and RDG Woodwinds will not sell your instrument for less than the listing price without your prior consent.  If you would like to modify this price, please feel free to contact us and we will make the needed adjustment.  At any point prior to sale, if you decide that you would no longer like to sell your instrument through us, you may delist it without any financial penalty or commission charges.  You will, however, still be responsible for any repair charges incurred (see below) and possible return shipping charges.  RDG Woodwinds does not accept trade-ins towards the purchase of new instruments.

All instruments sold on consignment with RDG Woodwinds must be in good playable condition.  In order for potential buyers to fairly evaluate the instrument, all parts of the mechanism must function properly and pads must cover the tone holes well enough for the instrument to play comfortably throughout its full range.  Our repair staff members are happy to discuss your instrument's condition with you, and they can let you know of any needed repairs and the costs associated with those repairs.  We can take care of repairs here at the shop before listing your instrument on consignment, or you are free to have the work done elsewhere. However, we will not be able to list your instrument until the instrument is in good working condition.  The instrument must be in a case that protects it properly and must include tenon caps, when applicable.

We charge an 18% commission on the price you receive for the instrument. Commission and any repair charges will be deducted from the final check payment once the instrument is sold.  We list each instrument at two prices for the convenience of potential purchasers.  The full asking price applies to payment by credit card.  We offer a discounted price for payment by cash or check.  We always apply commission to the lower (cash/check) price when determining the amount of commission due, regardless of the method of payment by the purchaser.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. If you'd like to get started with the consignment process, please complete this inquiry form to get started. We will contact you shortly after receiving your completed form.