We have five repair staff members who have a combined total of about a hundred years of experience doing woodwind repair:

John Peterson - Oboes and Clarinets

Tom Yaeh - Clarinets and Bassoons

Levi Tracy - Clarinets

James Calix - Clarinets

Jennifer Spier - Oboes

We regularly service the instruments of members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and Los Angeles Opera, as well as those of Hollywood studio musicians and performers across the country and around the world.


Available Services

We can perform all types of repair jobs for your oboe, clarinet, or bassoon, including basic adjustments, crack repair, tuning, mechanism repair and improvement, custom keywork, and more. We occasionally work on non-orchestral wind instruments (recorders, etc.).  You can speak with a repair staff member individually to find out more.



Some types of repair jobs are priced per job, and others are priced per hour.  Hourly rates are approximately $95 and vary by repair person.  The repair staff is happy to discuss the condition of your instrument with you, and can give you more specific recommendations and prices for needed repairs.



The repair staff gets very busy and works by appointment only.  Please call as early as possible to schedule your appointment!  We regret that we are not able to accommodate walk-in repair customers.  Typically, your appointment will be scheduled for two to eight weeks from the day you book it.  We can often accommodate true emergencies on shorter notice (i.e. your instrument has been serviced regularly and is in good playing condition, but it has cracked or something has happened which is now preventing it from playing).  Please note that instruments that have not been serviced regularly can never be accommodated on an emergency basis.  If you are unsure, please call us to discuss your situation with us.


For emergency situations involving cracked instruments, tenon corks, and broken case latches, or when you feel that your oboe needs a bit of immediate minor adjustment, you can find some helpful information on John Peterson's web page:  We will still be happy to schedule an appointment for you at the shop, but the information on John's site may make a desperate situation feel less desperate in the meantime, and may even solve the problem altogether!


Each repair person books his or her own schedule, so please call and speak directly with whomever you would like to handle your repairs.  John, Levi, James, and Jennifer can be reached by calling the main store at (888)RDG-REED or (323)463-4930.  To reach Levi most quickly and effectively, please send him an email (instead of calling) to  Tom may be reached only by calling his direct line at (323)420-6092.


Warranty Repairs

If you have purchased a new oboe or clarinet from RDG Woodwinds, your warranty repairs can be handled by John, Jennifer, or James.  Please refer to the warranty paperwork you received with your instrument for further information, and contact them individually to schedule an appointment.  Existing customers of Levi & Tom may have them perform warranty work.