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Updated 06/25/24
Renting an Instrument from RDG Woodwinds

RDG Woodwinds is proud to offer a variety of high quality oboes, English horns, and clarinets for rent.  Our fleet includes reputable brands and models that professional players, teachers, and aspiring artists know and trust. 

For flexibility, rentals are booked on a monthly or weekly recurring basis. Rent an instrument for as long or as little as you'd like and return it at any time. We don't prorate for early returns. Rental periods include a 5-day return grace period to accommodate shipping transit time frames.

Because our rentals are part of a dedicated rental fleet, we do not offer a rent-to-own option, and our rentals are not available to purchase.

We ship rentals to almost any location in the USA. In-store pickup is also available.

Availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact us using the form below to confirm availability or send an email to


Oboe, Oboe d'amore, English horn, Bass Oboe

All of our rental oboes and English horns are either full-conservatory system or very close to full-conservatory, so they are suitable for use both by experienced players and by beginners who do not want to be held back by missing keys. All of the instruments are wood, with the exception of a few professional plastic oboes.  Rental prices vary by instrument.

Intermediate models:    $95/month | $40/week                           unavailable
Professional models:     $150 - $195/month | $60 to $80/week  available
Top joint only, plastic:    $95/month | $40/week                           available

English horn
Intermediate models:    $195/month | $80/week     unavailable
Professional models:     $275/month | $110/week   available
Low Bb extension is available for an additional fee

Oboe d'amore
$350 per month | $140 per week  available

Bass oboe
Loree n+3 (2023)                    $520/month | $200/week  unavailable
Cabart-Hiniker (w/o left F)       $440/month | $175/week  available


We have a variety of rental clarinets in A, Eb, and bass (low C and low Eb). Rental prices vary by instrument:
Bb clarinet
Student models:             $40.00/month | Deposit required  available
Semi pro model:             $80.00/month | Deposit required available

A clarinet
Intermediate models:     $90/month | $36/week     unavailable
Professional models:      $130/month | $52/week   available

C clarinet
Professional model:        $150/month | $60/week  available

Eb clarinet
Professional models:      $150/month | $60/week  unavailable

Bass clarinet
Buffet Prestige low C:              $375/month | $150/week  unavailable
Royal Global Polaris low C:     $325/month | $130/week  unavailable
Buffet Prestige low Eb:            $295/month | $120/week  available


Student model (Nobel Mistral resin):     $150/month | $60/week  unavailable
Intermediate models (Schreiber S16):   $200/month | $80/week  unavailable

Availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact us using the form below to confirm availability or send an email to

For more information

For more information about our rental instruments or for questions about our rental policies, please complete our rental contact form below or contact us at