Fobes "San Francisco" E♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

Fobes "San Francisco" E♭ Clarinet Mouthpiece

From Clark Fobes’ website: "I have developed the "San Francisco" series mouthpieces over a period of twenty years. All of these mouthpieces reflect my attention to the love of the craft of mouthpiece making and correct acoustical design. I use only Zinner blanks for my "San Francisco" B♭ and E♭ clarinet mouthpieces. These fine blanks represent the best in material and consistency currently available. Hans and Carsten Zinner have been extremely helpful in producing a very fine custom blank for me. This blank is not available to other makers and should not be confused or compared to the Zinner blanks used by others. In addition to using this very fine custom blank, I further customize the bore by reaming it to specs that produce superior intonation and a characteristic "Fobes" ring." Mr. Fobes recommends using Vandoren White Master strength 3.5 reeds with his E♭ Clarinet mouthpiece.  

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