Oboe Reed Boot Camp

*Update 06/27/23*
Thank you for your interest in the Oboe Reed Boot Camp! Due to various reasons, we have postponed this class and plan to reschedule it for some time in the fall. Details to follow as they become available.


If you buy finished oboe reeds and are interested in learning how to make adjustments to them, then our Oboe Reed Boot Camp is for you! The RDG oboe staff will be teaching the fundamentals of oboe reed adjustment to help oboists understand the why and how of adjusting store-bought finished reeds in a classroom setting, complete with hands-on learning and guided practice.

Course topics will include:

          Reed fundamentals: the anatomy of an oboe reed
          Fundamental tools & why they should be in your kit
          The purpose of adjusting a reed: where and how
          Tool techniques
          Guided practice with mentors
          Intro to detailed reed-making considerations

    Reeds in various forms of completion, such as reed blanks, mostly finished reeds, and finished reeds, will be provided.

    To ensure the best learning experience, we require that all course participants have specific reed-making tools available to use during the course. If you'd like to see our list of required materials, please click here: 
    RDG Oboe Reed Boot Camp | Reed Making Tools

    Lunch will be provided for both days of the course.

    When: TBD*
    updated 06/27/23

    Where:  RDG Woodwinds
                   535 E Walnut St Suite 101
                   Pasadena, CA 91101

    Cost:    TBD* updated 06/27/23

    For participants under the age of 12, we require an accompanying parent or guardian. For ages 12 - 17, a parent or guardian is welcome but not mandatory.

    Registration: ends June 26th | Register by completing our form below. We will confirm your enrollment and send an invoice for the course tuition shortly after your submission.