New Clarinet Setup

For more than forty years, RDG Woodwinds has proudly set up new clarinets for our customers.  We would like customers to feel completely satisfied that their newly purchased instruments have achieved their full potential.  Best of all, our clarinet setup service is included with the purchase price of the instrument. There is no additional cost to you!  Setups are performed before instruments are presented to our customers. Should any adjustments be needed after an instrument has been purchased, we offer an in-house warranty which covers both crack repair and a variety of tuning and adjustment services.  This warranty is in addition to Buffet’s manufacturer’s warranty. Because of the in-house setup and warranty services that come standard with each instrument, we believe that RDG Woodwinds offers the best value in the marketplace for Buffet clarinets.


During a clarinet setup at RDG:

  • The instrument is fully disassembled.
  • Tone holes are examined and sealed as needed in order to facilitate proper seal once the instrument is reassembled.
  • The mechanics of the instrument are thoroughly adjusted.  Keys are fitted one by one to ensure that they have the proper amount of clearance between posts, and any excess lateral motion is removed.
  • Spring tensions are adjusted for a crisp feel.
  • Key positions are adjusted as needed for optimal ergonomics.
  • The instrument is reassembled one key at a time.  Each pad is checked for proper sealing and adjustment.  Pads that are not sealing are replaced.
  • Once all keys have been added to the clarinet, it is test played and any necessary final adjustments are made to ensure that the instrument meets our exacting standards.

We invite you to explore our extensive lineup of Buffet clarinets by visiting today!