RGO Clarinet Tube Cane

RGO Clarinet Tube Cane

Grown in the South of France, the RGO cane is our most popular tube cane, with a rich golden color and a fine texture. Thick walled tubes, sold by the pound. Strict quality control measures, including a minimum of two sortings, ensure that our clarinet cane is the finest, straightest cane available. Brought to its peak by our special processing and the good Southern California heat, our RGO cane has become the standard of excellence among clarinetists worldwide.  

*** Due to high popularity and fluctuating availability, we will be accepting back orders for this product if it is out of stock. If there are other items in your order, they will be shipped when the order is placed. We may need to contact you again for payment details depending on the time required to fill the back order. 

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