Buffet Tosca Clarinet in E♭

This E♭ model has been developed by the most talented E♭ specialists of famous international orchestras combined with the talents of Buffet Crampon luthiers. The bore of this clarinet is a continuation of the acoustic qualities of the renowned B♭ and A Tosca models. Rich tones, round sound, easy to play, flexibility and comfort are the main characteristics of this clarinet. The keywork has been improved to be more ergonomic. The position of the holes and rings has been totally redesigned to be as similar as possible to the fingering of a B♭ clarinet. This E♭ clarinet possesses an E♭ lever for left hand. It comes with 2 barrels : 40.5 mm and 41.5 mm to reach a pitch of 440/442 Mhz. Equipped with GT and cork pads, the Tosca E♭ clarinet is available in grenadilla wood   

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