Buffet Crampon R13 rebate

To take advantage of Buffet's $250.00 instant rebate, your purchase must be completed by December 15, 2020.  This rebate is available for the following R13 clarinets:
BC1131-5-0 / R13 Nickel Bb
BC1131-2-0 / R13 Silver Bb
BC1131G-5-0 / R13 Greenline Nickel Bb
BC1131G-2-0 / R13 Greenline Silver Bb
BC1231-5-0 / R13 Nickel A
BC1231-2-0 / R13 Silver A
BC1231G-2-0 / R13 Greenline Silver A
Take a look at our new Buffet R13 clarinets here. Please note that the Eb clarinet does not qualify for this rebate.
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